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Net Gain’s Big Move to 174 Bayfield St. Barrie Ontario

NetGain Moves to 174 Bayfield St. in Barrie Ontario NetGain finally ends a decade of slumming in Barrie’s industrial wasteland.  As of April Fool’s Day 2018 (completely coincidental and not in the slightest bit foreboding) the best web design in Barrie just got a prestigious new address.  NetGain moved uptown to luxurious new digs at […]

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Writing Content for SEO: Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to the big world of creating content for SEO purposes, it can be very easy to start down the wrong path. There’s a misconception out there that publishing tons of content regularly is the key to getting your site to the top of Google’s SERP. While it’s true that publishing content is […]

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Why Hire a Website Design Company (when I can do it myself)?

  Don’t let me talk you out of building your own website.  There are plenty of good reasons to do it yourself.  There are equally as many valid reasons to hire a professional.  It’s not really a debate about website builder vs web designer, rather it’s about finding the best match for your unique situation […]

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Leveraging images for SEO: Increasing user engagement

One of the common ways websites retain users is by publishing new content regularly, usually through blogs and news updates. This prompts users to check back often and spend time on site which ultimately helps with rankings. It also has the added effect of letting a site target a relevant topic in their field that […]

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Web Site vs Web App vs Mobile App

We all have a firm grasp on what a website is.  And we’ve got a handle on the concept of a mobile app.  But what exactly is a web app?  Can a web app also be a mobile app? (Answer: kind of, but not really).  Can a website also be a web app? (Answer: sometimes […]

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Researching Keywords: Beginners Guide to Mining Keywords

Without a doubt one of the most important and labor intensive processes of SEO, is researching keywords that your site can rank for. It’s vital to choose carefully when making your selection; the keywords have to be relevant to the content of the site, have good search volume so people will actually see your content, […]

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How to Crush your Website Redesign

When we ask our clients why they want a redesigned website, the most common response we hear is their desire for a “modernized site” or to give it a “a fresh, new look”. Cosmetic improvements, combined with hopes for new leads, can be exciting reasons to embark on a redesign. From a strategic point of […]

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How Local Service Companies Get Noticed Online

How can a local, service-related company stand out, in a busy marketplace, against established competitors?  Even small, service providers need to have a strong web presence to attract new clientele.  Fortunately, there are strategies to help connect you with new customers online, and level the playing field against large, national chains. Mobile Friendly is Not […]

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Six Major Technology Trends in 2017

Technology Trends You Need to Know   ONE. SSL Certified? SSL adds credibility to your business and increases your Google ranking. What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a security technology that encrypts connections between a web server and browser. It helps to secure personal information like passwords and credit card information, […]

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Net Gain SEO A Year in Review

NetGain 2017 Recap We launched over 50 new websites. At NetGain, we create cutting edge designs, basic template sites, custom applications, eCommerce stores, that navigate your customers through the process with ease. We genuinely care about our customers, their ideas and aim for the highest standards with all our designs.   We travelled to 3 […]

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