Digital Marketing for Hearing Clinics

As age demographics shift, hearing loss has become a reality for many individuals. Not surprisingly, people turn to the internet in search of a local hearing clinic. But with so many choices in any given city, how does a hearing clinic stand out amid the online clutter? As we see it, there are 2 keys to success: online visibility and user experience. First, a clinic needs to be found online. Secondly, your homepage needs to convince visitors they’ve arrived at the right place. To solve these 2 problems, clinic owners turn to a respected industry partner, NetGain. We have designed dozens of websites for hearing care providers. Because of this experience, we quickly identify emerging trends and implement them in our web marketing services. If you own a hearing clinic, then contact NetGain to explore options to improve your online presence.


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Engaged in the Hearing Industry

Not only has NetGain worked with hearing aid manufacturers, but we’ve also helped dozens of hearing clinics across the province. Our deep understanding of the industry has made us the go-to partner for digital marketing. Our longstanding affiliation with the industry has afforded us clear insights into consumer motivations. In other words, we know how to sell hearing online. To discover if we are a good fit for your clinic, simply to contact us for a free assessment.

SEO for Hearing Clinics

Since the hearing care industry is so competitive, it’s imperative to rank on page #1 in online searches. By displaying prominently in Google’s map stack and organic rankings, you are far more likely to be found by prospective clients in their moment of need. There is no magic bullet to high-performing web ranking. Rather, it is an accumulation of dozens (if not hundreds) of little things all done correctly. Leave web optimization to the professionals at NetGain SEO while you focus on helping your patients.

Google Ads for the Hearing Industry

How can hearing clinics stand out in a competitive market? Pay-per-click ads can ensure your business is found at the exact moment someone is searching for a hearing aid or hearing test. This way, you’re business is more likely to display when somebody types “hearing clinic near me”. Digital advertising campaigns are excellent for delivering your ad a receptive audience. Best of all, online ads are affordable and amazingly effective at capturing new leads. As a certified Google Partner, NetGain can set-up and manage a profitable PPC program for your business. Just call and speak with one of our knowledgeable advisors.

Web Conversion for Hearing Professionals

Once a prospective client has arrived at your homepage, you only have a few precious moments to convince them to book an appointment. We recommend conveying a persuasive value statement, compelling testimonials, and prominent calls-to-action. Offering an online hearing test is one way to foster user engagement with your target audience. Also, by simplifying contact forms, you are more likely to a encourage a customer to schedule a consultation. Speak to the experts at NetGain to start converting web visitors into paying customers.

Hearing Instrument Services, Hamilton Ontario

This busy hearing clinic needed a fresh new look for their website. By focusing on user experience, we designed a platform that was easy for consumers to use and fostered visitor engagement.

Centre For Better Hearing, Kitchener Ontario

This clinic wanted to promote their online hearing test. As a first step, we created a prominent call-to-action. Next we integrated their interactive listening test and questionnaire. The result is a high-value user experience on their new website.

The Ear Clinic, Meaford Ontario

The Ear Clinic wanted a better online platform to showcase their selection of hearing aids. NetGain answered the call by designing a modern, mobile-friendly website.


As a locally owned business ourselves, we understand the need to generate new business from online sources. Fortunately, we are experts at attracting new clientele. We have an array of tools at our disposal: from web design to SEO and pay-per-click advertising. Our track record with local hearing clinics is a testament to the excellent value we provide. To step up your web presence, speak to one of the knowledgeable representatives at NetGain. You’ll be glad you did.