Digital Marketing for Medical Waste Companies

Since medical waste companies cater to a cross section of different customers, you need to be found when your target client is looking for a supplier. Let’s say a hospital, veterinarian, or nursing home needs to select a vendor for medical waste disposal. Naturally they turn to the internet to begin their search. That means digital marketing can’t be an afterthought. Rather, a strong internet presence can make a significant difference whether your company is selected or not. Digital marketing strategies include search optimization, pay-per-click advertising and active social media outreach. To make sure your company gets found online, speak to the experts at NetGain for proven results.

Challenges in the Medical Waste Industry.

Since biomedical disposal is heavily regulated, there tend not to be as many competitors as in other industries, but independent med waste companies still find themselves competing against more established companies or international conglomerates. This makes for an uphill battle. Local or start-up med waste providers need to stand out in online searches. However, being found online doesn’t happen accidentally. A concerted SEO effort is required to climb in the search rankings.

SEO for Med Waste Service Providers

There’s no “single thing” you can do to boost your online visibility. Rather SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about doing a lot of little things correctly. There are technical considerations like loading speed, tagging, and site structure. Then there are other factors such as keyword selection and conversion optimization. Clearly, you need a multi-pronged approach to improving your Google ranking. But that can be a challenge if you are spending all your time running day-to-day operations. So, call the SEO experts at NetGain and let us deploy a decade’s worth of experience to increase your digital exposure.


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Local Search Optimization

Since medical waste processors cover a specific service area, local search optimizations (LSO’s) can have a big impact in whether you show up in the map section of Google’s search results. Referred to as the “Map Stack” or “Local 3 Pack”, consumers are increasingly turning to this section for answers. There are several ways for your company’s map pin to appear in the “Local 3 Pack”. For example, Google 5-star reviews demonstrate you are an excellent company to deal with, thereby reinforcing Google’s confidence in ranking your company. Online citations also bolster Google’s confidence that you are a legitimate company, worthy of appearing in the coveted map section. Let the experts at NetGain put you on the map.

Pay-Per-Click Ads for the Med Waste Industry

Should you run pay-per-click (PPC) ads for medical waste processing? It depends. If your competitors are running ads, then it’s an indicator ads are effective in your marketplace. Today’s time-crunched consumers often click on the first company that shows up in the search results page, which is often a digital ad. Also, Google is making ads less conspicuous than they used to be, so searchers are more likely to click an ad. So, don’t miss a golden opportunity to get in front of potential clients when they are searching for medical waste providers. As a certified Google partner, NetGain will help you craft a compelling PPC campaign.

Medical Waste Portfolio

HES Healthcare Environmental Services, Miami Florida

HES is a medical waste disposal company serving south Florida. Since they weren’t getting much traction online, they turned to NetGain for assistance. We designed a conversion-friendly website and we’re hard at work boosting their online visibility in search rankings. Read more about the HES project.

HES MedWaste Homepage

AMS, Chicago Illinois

AMS is a longstanding customer of NetGain’s. When the time came to refresh their web presence, we dramatically improved the user experience with a modern, mobile friendly website.

WasteSafe, San Francisco California

When WasteSafe opened their doors for business, they turned to the experts at NetGain to manage their digital marketing campaign. Our multi-pronged approach included web design, SEO copywriting, social media management, and pay-per-click.

SEO Copywriting for Med Waste Industry

High value written content is more important than ever for organic search rankings. From Google’s perspective, it’s about delivering high-quality results for searchers. With that in mind, every single page on your website needs to convey high value information to users. Content typically includes service pages (sharps disposal, chemotherapy waste, pathological waste), service area pages, and business blogging. But who has 4 hours to write a quality page? Ask the SEO copywriters at NetGain to write web content on your behalf. Our affiliation with the medical waste industry has provided us with valuable insights into content that resonates with visitors.

Converting Web Visitors into Paying Customers

You’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to be found online. Now, don’t fumble the ball on the 1-yard line. Instead, roll out the red carpet to potential customers. Make it easy for visitors to engage with your company. Typically, the desired engagement is simply a phone call or quote request. So be sure to feature a click-to-call phone number on your mobile responsive website. And don’t scare your customers away with long forms. You’ll be rewarded when you make it effortless for potential customers to submit a streamlined contact form. Finally, if you prominently display social proof (testimonials) and trust badges on your homepage, it will convince visitors you are the best choice for their medical waste requirements. These conversion techniques pave the way to ensuring you win the job, not a competitor.

Engaged in the Medical Waste Industry

NetGain’s longstanding affiliation with the biomedical disposal industry has afforded us insights into proven strategies to attract qualified leads. Don’t risk handing over your digital marketing to a local web company with no experience in your industry. It’s not worth it. Trust the experienced professionals at NetGain to run a highly optimized marketing plan for your business. As a bonus, our SEO clients enjoy exclusive representation in their marketplace. Meaning, once we’re engaged with a medical waste company in specific market, we close off the city to any competitors. Contact us today to explore options for your business.


We’re plugged into the medical waste industry. Whether we’re producing high-quality med waste blogs or running a profitable PPC campaign, we know the industry inside and out. That’s why local medical waste providers call on NetGain to solve problems and attract new customers. For a free consultation, speak to one of our web marketing experts.