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Social Media Management

Promote Your Company. Engage Your Audience.

The virtual online world is an imperative place to be to help grow
your business. Why? Social media posts send out “social signals” to
potential clients as well as search engines, showcasing that your
business is a relevant and important business.

Primarily, social media provides you with the opportunity to do two things: promote your company to new prospective customers, and build searchable social backlinks to your business, improving your SEO.

Like content, social media engagement should be a major component in your overall marketing strategy, and needs to be used on a regular basis to be effective.

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At NetGain, our social media team will create and manage your social media
platforms, providing your organization with a variety of engaging social media posts that are
both promotional and educational. We will work closely with your business, discussing with
you an effective strategy and execution process for different social media marketing

Your social media expert will create high quality social media posts for your business that will be shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Google+ and more. These posts will be made to your social media channels on a regular basis and will include high quality articles, images, videos and text.

Social media has truly changed marketing; we now have an immediate, easy to use and powerful resource available at our fingertips to connect your company and brand with current and potential clients. Through these social networks we’ll work diligently to increase your online visibility, building relationships and trust with your target audience.

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Be fun.
Be likeable and altruistic.
Do not only promote product.
Boost your posts.



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