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SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions: Your Sites Introduction

Every website out there has to have a well crafted SEO title and META description for every page. They’re your sites introduction to searchers, their digital handshake almost, and first impressions count on the web. They both have important ranking signals but their primary purpose is to entice users to click into your site and […]

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Blogging for Business (Is Blogging Still a Thing?)

Yes, blogging is still a thing.  And it is super-important for businesses that rely on being discovered through Google searches.  Sadly, many small business owners don’t appreciate the value of adding a blog to their website.  This post explores how savvy companies use blogs to boost online visibility and engage with their target audience. Why […]

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SERP Rankings Drop: Getting To The Cause

In the SEO world one of our biggest nightmares is when a web site is losing rankings in the SERP. We’re supposed to gain rain rankings and hold on to them! It says it right there in our job descriptions. When faced with a rankings drop do not panic, stay calm a try and diagnose […]

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Website Launch Day (What Could Possibly Go Wrong?)

After weeks of carefully planned design and development, your new website is finally ready to launch.  Even though you’re anxious to unveil your masterpiece to the world, don’t make the mistake of rushing the launch sequence.  Just like launching a rocket, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. For many business owners, launching […]

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On Page Optimization: Some Simple Tips to Boost Rankings

Optimizing your pages for SEO is one of those critical steps in any attempt at ranking a site. It’s a pretty straight forward process but is easy to mess up if you’re not paying attention. Simple mistakes can lead to a loss in rankings where you should have been easily able to get a page […]

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How to Win with Pay-Per-Click Ads (and Avoid Advertising Blunders)

Ranking #1 in organic search results used to be the gold standard for local search.  Not anymore.  Local businesses risk getting lost amid the clutter if you are not deploying a strategic Google AdWords campaign.   AdWords Wake-Up Call Try searching for your company’s product or service in your home town.  If you are in […]

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Internal Linking: How much is too much?

One of the big jobs of an SEO is to carry out a link building strategy. These can be external links and internal links, each over lap to a degree in what they are trying to accomplish, and both do other things as well. Internal links help to build up relationships between different aspects of […]

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Net Gain’s Big Move to 174 Bayfield St. Barrie Ontario

NetGain Moves to 174 Bayfield St. in Barrie Ontario NetGain finally ends a decade of slumming in Barrie’s industrial wasteland.  As of April Fool’s Day 2018 (completely coincidental and not in the slightest bit foreboding) the best web design in Barrie just got a prestigious new address.  NetGain moved uptown to luxurious new digs at […]

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Writing Content for SEO: Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to the big world of creating content for SEO purposes, it can be very easy to start down the wrong path. There’s a misconception out there that publishing tons of content regularly is the key to getting your site to the top of Google’s SERP. While it’s true that publishing content is […]

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Why Hire a Website Design Company (when I can do it myself)?

  Don’t let me talk you out of building your own website.  There are plenty of good reasons to do it yourself.  There are equally as many valid reasons to hire a professional.  It’s not really a debate about website builder vs web designer, rather it’s about finding the best match for your unique situation […]

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