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3 Reasons Your Marketing Should Be Personal

I’m sure you’re aware of the phrase: “it’s nothing personal.” It’s probably true in most cases, but when it relates to marketing, it’s definitely personal. A lot of businesses fall prey to dull content or lack the added touches that establish their brand as unique. With multiple marketing tasks on the go while running a […]

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The Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Agency Vs Hiring in House

To hire in house or an agency? That is the question! At some point, businesses ponder this question when faced with the desire to grow their business. And, undoubtedly, it is a difficult question to answer. With an abundance of marketing agencies willing to take your money or employees who end up not being the […]

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Top 5 Most Important Elements of Graphic Design in Marketing

The whole process of website creation can seem a bit intangible. What gets considered? How are design decisions made? Today, we’re going remove some of the mystery and walk you through the five most important elements of graphic design that come into play whenever we create a new logo or website. Colour Selection Few things […]

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Insider’s Guide to the Importance of Web Development

Why Worry About Web Development? Despite the increasing reliance on the internet for shopping and research, there are still some who don’t understand why all the fuss must be made about web development. Why can’t advertisements continue in the local paper, or in a magazine? The short and fast answer is that the worldwide acceptance […]

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Choosing Your PPC Keywords: Don’t Go Overboard With It

Many of the pre-existing PPC accounts we work on here often have a few trends running through them. Some were set up by another agency a long time ago and forgotten about, others were done manually by the client hiring us, and some were automatically generated by Google. The trend that tends to run through […]

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Starting GoogleAds Properly: Setting Good PPC Goals

Venturing into the world of PPC advertising on Google can seem a daunting task.  It can be overwhelming to teach yourself about all the different types of campaigns, ad groups, keyword matching, and extensions.  And that is just for starters as it doesn’t take into account more advanced techniques like learning about split testing, writing […]

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Google Display Ads: Building Brand Awareness

Stepping into the world of online advertising can be a most daunting effort. In a way it is a literal manifestation of the phrase “small fish in a big pond” for the digital world. Chances are whatever it is you’re offering is already out there in some form, meaning there will be competition with a […]

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SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions: Your Sites Introduction

Every website out there has to have a well crafted SEO title and META description for every page. They’re your sites introduction to searchers, their digital handshake almost, and first impressions count on the web. They both have important ranking signals but their primary purpose is to entice users to click into your site and […]

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Blogging for Business (Is Blogging Still a Thing?)

Yes, blogging is still a thing.  And it is super-important for businesses that rely on being discovered through Google searches.  Sadly, many small business owners don’t appreciate the value of adding a blog to their website.  This post explores how savvy companies use blogs to boost online visibility and engage with their target audience. Why […]

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SERP Rankings Drop: Getting To The Cause

In the SEO world one of our biggest nightmares is when a web site is losing rankings in the SERP. We’re supposed to gain rain rankings and hold on to them! It says it right there in our job descriptions. When faced with a rankings drop do not panic, stay calm a try and diagnose […]

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