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Tips for Fighting the Writer’s Block Beast

Halloween’s come and gone, but there’s a monster out there that content writers still have to fight off: writer’s block. Two words that will give any content writer the heebie jeebies, writer’s block can be an unmerciful beast. It strikes often when you least expect, materializing as a looming creature, appearing as intimidating as your […]

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How to Hire a Marketing Agency

Thinking about hiring a marketing agency can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s always exciting to think about taking yourself or your business to that next level. Setting and meeting your goals. As human beings, that’s what we thrive on, that’s what makes us tick. Of the same token, change can be scary. It’s the […]

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3 Myths About Video Marketing and Why Your Business Should Be Doing It

These days, video marketing is everywhere. Video marketing has essentially pulled up a chair to the industry’s table and it’s not going anywhere, whether you like it or not. It’s become more and more rampant and is expected to grow over the next 5-10 years. These numbers alone speak volumes: 70% of consumers say that […]

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Some Tips and Tricks for Instagram Live and Facebook Live

If you frequently use social media for your business, you’ve likely heard of the live streaming video options for social media giants Facebook and Instagram. Maybe you’ve tried it or maybe you’ve stayed away from it because the term “going live” intimidates you. Or, maybe you just don’t know how. What should I talk about? […]

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Why Blogging is a Lot Like Running: 4 Common Mistakes

Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart. Considered an easy task by appearance, but truly tough by nature; it makes or breaks the best of us. It’s like when you sign up for that half-marathon a week before on a whim with no plan and think to yourself: “it can’t be that hard.” The ominous […]

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5 Tips to Get Social Launched in The Right Direction

It’s amusing to think of the days before social media became used as a marketing tool. When it first came on the scene, social was discounted. Even today, some businesses don’t believe in its effectiveness or it’s considered an afterthought. In 2019, social isn’t just something that’s nice to have—it’s necessary. In the age of […]

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How Smart Web Design Can Save You Money

We`re all about good web design, and that`s because it`s such a cool and versatile tool for business. For those who might not know, web design refers to the design and layout of a website. On the surface, it’s just one more way to get your name and your services out there, but the process […]

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3 Reasons Your Marketing Should Be Personal

I’m sure you’re aware of the phrase: “it’s nothing personal.” It’s probably true in most cases, but when it relates to marketing, it’s definitely personal. A lot of businesses fall prey to dull content or lack the added touches that establish their brand as unique. With multiple marketing tasks on the go while running a […]

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The Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Agency Vs Hiring in House

To hire in house or an agency? That is the question! At some point, businesses ponder this question when faced with the desire to grow their business. And, undoubtedly, it is a difficult question to answer. With an abundance of marketing agencies willing to take your money or employees who end up not being the […]

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Top 5 Most Important Elements of Graphic Design in Marketing

The whole process of website creation can seem a bit intangible. What gets considered? How are design decisions made? Today, we’re going remove some of the mystery and walk you through the five most important elements of graphic design that come into play whenever we create a new logo or website. Colour Selection Few things […]

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