SEO for the Shredding Industry

For over 10 years, NetGain has delivered outstanding results to service providers within the information destruction industry. Our deep knowledge of the industry has made us a highly sought-after partner for web marketing. We specialize in generating qualified leads for our shredding clients by fortifying their online marketing efforts. Our web services include website design, SEO, PPC advertising, and copywriting. Feel free to contact us today to discuss strategy on how to beat your local competitors.


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Challenges of the Shredding Industry

In most urban cites across North America, paper shredding is hyper-competitive. There are independent players competing against other independents, in addition to national service providers. Despite such a noisy marketplace, we have found time-proven strategies to attract new leads and clientele. For example, homepage loading times directly impact conversion rates. Your homepage must load quickly, or searchers will abandon your page. Also, visitors crave high-quality content, so count on our SEO copywriters to produce unique content that gets noticed by Google. By outsourcing digital marketing tasks to NetGain, you’ll quickly rise above the competition and win new business.

Opportunities in Document Destruction

There is immediacy when people are shopping for paper shredding services. Customers often have boxes of files waiting to be destroyed. The first company to give them what they are looking for usually wins the business. But appearing first in search results is only half of the battle. Your homepage must be tailored to convert visitors into paying customers, or people will continue searching. We have found conversion-friendly landing pages make all the difference. There’s a long list of conversion techniques we employ such as social proof, trust badges, calls-to-action, and click-to-call functionality. With a few tweaks, NetGain tips the odds in your favor of winning that next big purge or weekly route customer.

Engaged in the Document Destruction Industry

NetGain continues to actively participate within the information management industry. One way we support the shredding community is by providing free seminars at NAID association conferences. Our speaking engagements are always lively and well-attended. We believe in educating the marketplace with actionable tips and strategies. Our sessions empower members to become better digital marketers. Also, NetGain regularly teaches classes at “Shred School”, a 2-day “boot camp” designed to train new entrants to the destruction industry. As a result of our association activity, our customer list stretches from coast to coast.

Google Ads for the Shredding Industry

Nobody knows pay-per-click like NetGain. Since we’re running online ads for destruction companies across the country, we know exactly how to configure a healthy ad campaign. We’ve obtained years-worth of data on click-through-rates, conversion rates, and cost-per-lead. For example, if we notice strong performance in one city, we’ll replicate across the country. That’s an immediate advantage over your competitors. And as a verified Google Partner, NetGain has demonstrated exceptional value to clients with paid advertising campaigns. When it comes to PPC management, our experience pays off. If you’re still fumbling your way through Google Ads, then it’s time to hand it off to the experts at NetGain.

SEO Copywriting for Shredding Companies

Most shredding owners are laser-focused on day-to-day operations. However, they do so at the expense of attracting fresh, new customers. The most successful shredding companies consider themselves as digital marketers that just happen to offer shredding as the end product. The good news is SEO doesn’t need to be rocket science. An often overlooked, yet simple, SEO strategy is to produce high quality content. Compelling content is good for user experience and good for Googlebots. But it can be challenging for owners to create a new web page at the end of a busy day. That’s why it makes sense to outsource content creation to NetGain’s SEO copywriters. Best of all, we’re already experienced in writing for your industry. We shore-up content on your service pages and write original articles on data destruction. Leave the writing to the experts at NetGain.

Shredding Portfolio

A1 DataShred, Boston Massachusetts

Our biggest success with A1 was improving their Google ranking, in Boston, from Page #7, to the top of Page #1. Beyond online visibility, we improved their conversion rates with a high-performing website redesign. As their business grew, we even produced graphics for all their new shred trucks.

Secure Shredding & Recycling, Baton Rouge Louisiana

Their old, 1-page website just wasn’t effective anymore. This client tasked our SEO copywriters create 20 new web pages (and counting). We integrated the new pages into a modern, mobile-friendly website redesign.

IDSAutoshred, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

IDSAutoshred suffered from poor ranking combined with a poor user experience. We fixed both with a new website and an ongoing optimization plan. Now they have a website they are proud of and business is brisk!

A-1 Shred Arizona, Phoenix Arizona

What a fun company to work with! After rebuilding their website, we got started boosting their organic ranking. For immediate traction in the Phoenix area, we launched a very successful Google Ads pay-per-click campaign.

ATI Secure Docs, Austin Texas

ATI is a non-profit shredding company that hires disabled individuals. They create jobs and opportunities that lead to greater community inclusion and independence. It’s our pleasure to continue working with them to drive qualified traffic to their new website.  Read more about how NetGain helped ATI Secure Docs.


i-SIGMA is the international trade association for the secure management of information. It is comprised of two associations: NAID (information destruction) and PRISM (records management). i-SIGMA hired NetGain to design their new website. It’s a resource-rich website for prospective and existing members – many of them are shredding companies across U.S. and Canada. Read more about the i-SIGMA project.


Why NetGain?  In a word, exclusivity.  Once we engage with a local shredder, we close off the city to any other shredding company.  Our philosophy is not to compete against ourselves online.  Rather, we focus all our efforts on capturing shredding leads for you.  In fact, our favorite type of customer starts off as a small, 1-truck company.  We love playing a part in helping small shredding businesses dominate their marketplace.  Over time, we take pride in watching a 1-truck operation expand into an entire fleet of mobile shred trucks.  We truly consider ourselves as a partner in your success.

Shredding Accolades

“NetGain exceeded our expectations!! Two thirds of our business comes from the internet. We had a very old site that was bringing in business but the growth level was slowing. We looked at three companies that had experience in our industry and NetGain gave us a great proposal that paid attention to the important task to redirect from the old site to the new site. The new site was launched and we saw an increase in inquiries very quickly. We are very happy with our new site and we recommend NetGain very highly.”

James Dowse, Time Shredding, New York City

“NetGain! You are all beyond awesome! We are so thankful for you and how you have helped our business. We needed a new website and needed it to be managed. Thankfully NetGain was there to save us. Being in business 13 years this our 4th website and I wish I had used NetGain years ago. This is the best site we have ever had, and our customers are complimenting us on it as well. Thank you all so much!”

Jadie Plummer, A-1 Shredding, Phoenix Arizona

“The team at NetGain executed a plan for our business’ web presence flawlessly. We now have a website that generates leads and helps us to grow our business. I am looking forward to a long-term relationship with NetGain!”

Christina Bangs, Abraham’s Shredding, Milwaukee Wisconsin

“NetGain modernized our website. They charged a fair price and were very easy to deal with. They completed the project quicker than they predicted. I highly recommend this company!!”

Shane Hunt, Records Reduction, Charlotte North Carolina