Our Story

All of our team members take the highest level of pride in their work.

Founded in 2008, NetGain has quickly grown into one of the best web development agencies in Barrie, Ontario. Our success is built upon providing quality services and delivering top-quality proven results from every area of the company. We strive to help minimize your lost opportunities and show the true value of your return on investment.

At NetGain our team consists of extensively trained Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Communication Experts. All of our team members take the highest level of pride in their work. That means, our clients receive professional benefits, whether it be a new cutting edge website, or a unique logo that won’t be forgotten; you’ll quickly reap the benefits that our talented and dedicated team can provide.

“We work for you. This is our team.”

NetGain has grown into a dedicated team of world-class project managers, marketing strategists, graphic designers, web developers, search engine optimization and social media experts to ensure that projects are delivered with professional results that exceed client expectations.

Craig Busch

President & Owner

President and Chairman of the Busch Group of Companies, which includes NetGain. Since its inception, NetGain has flourished from Craig’s support, guidance and business acumen. Craig has received multiple awards and mentions including the Arch Brown Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2004 and 2014. His passion for charitable and environmental causes, locally and globally drives the future vision of his employees and companies.

Drew Dekker

Founder & COO

Owner and operator of NetGain. Early in his career Drew has received acclaim in broadcast journals for a number of technical innovations in the film and television industry. Drew is a member of various industry associations and regularly speaks at events and conferences across North America.

David Gostick
Kasia Golebiewski
Creative Director
Conrad Dekker
SEO Strategist & Project Manager
Sales Manager
Tom Ambeau
Managing Director
Nic Bond
Web Developer
Sarah Croft
Digital Marketing Strategist
Burak Akcal
Digital Marketing Strategist
Tanya Pachkalov
Digital Marketing Strategist
Nicole Gray
Digital Marketing Strategist
Anastasia Gordinschi
Ryan Davies
Creative Services Manager
Anthony Di Cicco
Social Media Manager
Kanha Malik
Social Media Strategist


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The last ten years has seen incredible change not only in our company’s growth, but the technology used to access information as well. Our core strengths are creating brand experiences through web, digital, print, and other media that focuses heavily on promoting a positive user experience and engagement. We build campaigns and collateral that are attractive, effective and proven.


NetGain is part of the Busch Group of Companies. Headquartered in Barrie Ontario, the Group employs well over 100 people throughout Simcoe County. Over the past 30 years, the representative companies have each grown to become industry leaders in a variety of business sectors, including: information technology, digital marketing, and environmental products. We are proud of our legacy and look forward to the evolution of the group over then next 30 years.