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Google’s Ad-blocker Coming 2018

Google’s CEO Larry Page has been announcing for years that they need to do a better job at blocking intrusive ads. Recently Google has announced they will release a native ad-blocker in early 2018. With the development of their own ad-blocker this will give Google more power to filter out known ad’s that cause page […]

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Social Media Marketing Stats Every Company Should Know About

From Facebook to LinkedIn, every major social media platform can play a critical a social media marketing plan.

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How to Build an Effective Facebook Ad

Growing your business exposure using social media isn’t easy. That is especially true when you want to promote your business in a big way outside the normal marketing strategies, such as newspaper ads. The biggest social media site in the world is Facebook. On average, more than 485,000 users a minute are on Facebook from […]

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Tips to Improve Your Company’s Social Media Exposure

If your company’s social media is lacking, here are some tips to improve your company’s social media exposure.

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Ransomware: Should You Be Worried? Here’s What You Need To Know

  You might have seen recently on the news a story about hospitals in the United Kingdom falling victim to computer viruses demanding money. This type of situation is very unsettling, and often it’s hard to know what the best course of action is. The reality however is that anyone, not just hospitals, can fall […]

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SEO Attacks: What They Are, and What You Should You Do If You Become a Victim

If your website is taking advantage of SEO services, you might be familiar with the existence of SEO attacks. For those who might not be, the practice is known as black hat SEO, and it is not tolerated by Google when caught. As you might know, SEO is a set of practices that seek to […]

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Tips on Blogging for Your Business

Whether you operate a small café or a clothing store or a medical office or a factory, whatever your company may be, having an active blog on your business website can help promote your company in the online world. However, what if you don’t know how to start blogging? Don’t worry! Here are tips on […]

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Is Your Business Ready For the E-Commerce Revolution?

    E-commerce has become a force to reckon with. As we experience the rapid and intense growth in popularity of online shopping, it has become commonplace to see well known major department chains file for bankruptcy and close shop. Even for small business, the innovation in E-commerce solutions has made it possible for small […]

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Social Media Content Marketing Tips

When it comes to running social media for your company, it’s not as easy as it seems. The truth is, for a brand to be successful on social media, you need to be strategic about the content you market. Here are some social media content marketing tips. For more details on NetGain’s social media, content […]

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2017 Mobile Marketing Statistics

  It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that mobile web browsing has become a common daily occurrence for millions of people. The importance of maintaining a mobile app or at least a mobile website has grown to an unavoidable point where not having one may cost dearly in website viewership and consumer opinion of […]

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