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Common Web Design Mistakes

Designing your website for the “cool” factor Everybody wants their website to stand out from all the others, thinking that a flashy design with lots

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Website Design

A website starts with a static page.  That is how it all started back in the late 1980’s.  But since then, website design has evolved

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Beating the Box Model

Here’s something I see get the best of many developers, from ones fresh off the boat to ones with years of experience. The html/css “box

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JavaScript Vs JQuery

Many times throughout my web developing career, questions have arisen from those around me.  What exactly do you do?  What kind of websites do you

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COVID-19 Message

NetGain remains open during the pandemic.  Our team is working safely from home to help our clients through this unprecedented event.

As digital marketers, we are treating this interruption as a unique opportunity to help our clients stay active online and improve their web presence.  Together, we can transform a challenging situation into limitless opportunity.