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In today’s competitive marketplace, your website design impacts whether you are chosen or left behind.

Compelling web design extends beyond an attractive homepage. A well designed website should guide your visitors through the buying process. Your site should provide engaging content with less steps, clicks and redirects. Navigation needs to be intuitive on a desktop computer and smartphone.

An essential concept in website design is “conversion” (converting visitors into paying customers). Conversion can be found at the crossroads of web design and behavioral psychology. We analyze visitor traffic patterns, in side-by-side comparisons, and implement what works and reject what doesn’t. We have discovered that a streamlined layout with strong calls-to-action are critical for enticing your visitors to take the next step.

How many leads are you missing out on?

NetGain develops mobile-friendly websites that are designed to capture valuable leads and attract new customers. Our web projects feature: clean layouts, streamlined navigation, fast-loading pages, and strategic calls-to-action.

Less is more. Clean-up webpage clutter with a fresh website redesign. Eye-catching design requires creativity and talent. For example, our design professionals understand how to use whitespace effectively. In web design, whitespace, or negative space, is the area between images and text that is empty. It helps to give your message some breathing room. Proper use of whitespace guides your visitors without all the distraction of a cluttered webpage.

Smart website design communicates the personality of your brand. An important aspect of our design process is discovering the unique qualities that set you apart from your competitors. A good starting place is a clearly stated value proposition. From there, we’ll fit every piece together seamlessly to convey your message.

Our goal is to modernize your website using a mobile-first design approach, so your customers receive a powerful web experience in their moment of need.

Web Design Process


From discovery to launch, learn how our approach sets us apart from other website designers in Barrie. We have a hands-on philosophy and we take pride in guiding you through the entire process. By hiring NetGain, you’ll be working with a diverse team of specialists who all contribute to the shared goal of an outstanding project.

Website Planning Service


Whether you are considering a simple 5-page site or overhauling a 100-page monster, it pays to plan in advance. Together, we’ll decide on the best navigation system, sitemap, and user experience. Then we’ll get to work designing your project – regardless of complexity. The finished product will be an intuitive, modern site that you can be proud of.

Website Development


Don’t get stuck with a broken site. You need a robust technical foundation built by NetGain. For over 10 years, our programmers have sharpened their skills at the leading edge of web development. Count on our experience and attention-to-detail to ensure that your digital project is a success. Discover more about our development services.

Mobile Website Design


Count on our websites to be lightning-fast and mobile-friendly. We design from a mobile-first perspective so your site displays seamlessly on a smartphone or tablet. As internet traffic shifts dramatically towards handheld devices, you need to ensure your business can be found quickly. NetGain delivers sophisticated mobile solutions to connect you with with new customers.

Website Maintenance Plan


Don’t let your website whither on the vine. A healthy site needs to evolve over time and continuously improve. With preventative maintenance, we keep your site secure and in accordance with Google’s algorithm updates. We can even publish new content with our high-quality copywriting service. Learn more about our selection of monthly maintenance plans.

Website Audit Service


Not sure where to start? Ask NetGain’s experts to review your digital presence and make recommendations for improvement. Our thorough analysis will uncover hidden weaknesses that are holding you back. Best of all, our powerful SEO tools allow us to evaluate your competitor’s online performance. Find out more about our auditing process.


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A website starts with a static page.  That is how it all started back in the late 1980’s.  But since then, website design has evolved thanks to a file format called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).  With CSS you can design a website how you want.  Creating a website isn’t just about getting your message across, but at the same time bringing out your inner artist.  You could make your background red, change your text font to Comic Sans, or float the text towards the left side of the page.  You can think of anything you want to design thanks to CSS.

Building a website is like building a volcano you would find at a school science fair.  The CSS file is the volcano made out of paper maché, while the HTML is the baking soda and vinegar that makes the volcano erupt.  It is about chemistry.  How does one work with the other and vice-versa.  Will it erupt with the right amount of ingredients, or will there be too many ingredients for the volcano to handle?

When creating a website, the design might be a core factor that can attract users.  Website design is not just about creativity, but also usability.  A good design can help your site’s users a lot.  A user may need to read a website like a book scrolling from the top of the page to the bottom.  If the text was all over the place, a user may not be able to read it right and could become confused on where their eyes should be focused on.  It’s kind of like writing a large novel.  Imagine all the text being spread out all over the span of two pages side-by-side.  Would that feel a little disorienting to you?  Organization is an important part when it comes to website design.

Website design consists of three common factors; Creativity, Usability, and the Chemistry between both the HTML and CSS.  All three factors are necessary to create a well-developed website, and that is something to think about.

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