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Answering Your Questions About the Switchover from Larche Hosting Services to NetGain Hosting

Is any action required on my part?

No. NetGain and Larche will make all the necessary arrangements. There will be no changes to the servers your website is hosted on, your account logins, or any other technical infrastructure.

Will my website go down during the transition?

Not at all. We’ll be working closely with Larche Hosting Services to ensure a smooth transition. You should experience no service interruptions. You can expect a seamless continuation of the existing tier-3 security and 99.99% uptime.

How is billing going to work?

Your pricing of services will not change; however, you will now receive invoices from NetGain. Depending on your billing anniversary date, and in order to normalize annual invoice dates, we will likely prorate your invoices to a fixed date either in the spring or the fall. We will send out communication on this within the coming weeks.

Something doesn’t seem to be working right with my website. Who do I contact?

If you notice there’s an issue with your website, please contact [email protected].


I heard you offer website maintenance - is that different from hosting?

It is. Website maintenance refers to the functionality of your website: ensuring plugins are updated, contact forms are working as they should be, no broken links, etc. NetGain offers comprehensive website maintenance services, which can be added alongside your hosting package.

Do you offer any other services other than web hosting?

Quite a few! We also offer regular website and plugin maintenance, domain management, technical support, SSL certificates, and more. If you’re interested in exploring any of these services, call us or contact us online.

What’s the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

A domain name is the address of your website. Whereas web hosting refers to the computer server that stores your website’s files and data. If your website was a house, your domain name would be its street address, and the web host would be the property that your house sits on.

Does NetGain provide email hosting?

No. We recommend you select an email host separately from your web host. There are many reputable email hosts for business accounts, including well-known names like Google and Microsoft.