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Digital Marketing Stats You Should Know About

With digital marketing becoming more required for businesses of any kind, it’s good to know some key information about the different digital marketing avenues you could take. Here are some stats you should know about…

Google Ending Adobe Flash Support

A clear fact that is Adobe Flash has been the default software that supports videos and animations on the web for over 20 years now. However, this is not the case anymore because Chrome has started pushing users to use HTML5 by default. HMTL5 has started and will continue to make the use of Flash […]

5 Simple Content Ideas to Boost Your Company’s Social Media

As a working professional, the importance of having an active social media presence for your business is becoming more obvious. More than 80% of North America businesses use a variety of social media platforms, however, not all businesses use social media content properly for effective marketing purposes. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, to give […]

Grow into the Instagram Rock Star You Know You Want to Become

As you start to read this, there is a good chance you have an Instagram or you at least know what Instagram is. The fact is Instagram is not only here to stay but it continues to grow into one of the most active and popular social media platforms today and helping change digital marketing […]

The 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, there is no point in denying it… digital marketing is now essential to your business marketing strategy. Regardless of what kind of business you run, such as a coffee cafe or a barber shop or a clothing store, digital marketing can help in the overall success of your business. Here […]

AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) Website Integration

Spot The Differences The image above shows the main differences between a regular mobile responsive page and an AMP study shows 40% of your visitors will leave your site if the desired page does not load within 3 seconds. On that note, AMP tries to capitalize on page speed for increased organic page visits. Proper […]

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